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Syntax mainResponder.respond (adrparamtable, fldebug)

Params adrparamtable is the address of the parameter table created by Frontier's responder framework.

If fldebug is true, mainResponder.respond does not catch scriptErrors. Default: false.

Action Handles the incoming HTTP request which is characterized by the data in adrparamtable.

Returns True

Examples mainResponder.respond (@scratchpad.paramTable, fldebug:true)
Errors If fldebug is false (the default), the core of mainResponder.respond runs inside a try statement whose associated else-block builds an error page suitable for returning to the HTTP client.

If fldebug is true, scriptErrors are not caught which makes debugging your sites easier.

Notes This verb is the canonical default responder for Frontier 6. You will rarely need to call it yourself, except when you want to low-level debug your dynamic mainResponder sites.

Detailed information about mainResponder is available from the Frontier Site.

See Also webserver.server

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